"Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eye for an instant?"
- Henry David Thoreau


Um Osama

"She screamed a scream that made my heart ache. Then her body dropped dead in my hands. That is how I see Syria now."


"I miss my home a lot. I hope one day we’ll be back and things will be just like before."


He fled his home in Rwanda and is now living in Nairobi, Kenya.


"Our hope is to go back to Syria tomorrow. Once we came to Kurdistan we thought that we would stay here for two to three months but it's now been three years."


Seven of her children died during the ongoing war in her home country of South Sudan.


Her parents and one of her sisters were a refugee camp in Jordan, and two sisters still in Syria. "I worry about them every day."


"The only place I could escape the horror was in my parent's garden. Working on the land let me forget reality. The Burmese soldiers would come without warning. They tortured anyone caught running away."


"Finding jobs here depends on whether you have friends or relatives to help you. I have 15 years' experience in teaching but till now no employers have replied to me."


"We are hoping to start a new page in our lives. I wish I could make people love each other — that is my dream."

"Stories are a communal
currency of humanity."
- Tahir Shah

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